William Buchan (WHB) in India 1904 - 1911
Peebles, Scottish Borders
This section of the Photo Gallery shows pictures taken during William Buchan’s period with the Indian Civil Service from 1904 until 1911. During this time he was visited by his Sister Anna who used her experience to write one of her novels under the pseudonym “O. Douglas”.
November 1905 - Carrs and Margarets? WHB top right
Barisal 1904 - Back: Boyer Miss EW Dennis, Mrs I, Confery, Beatson Bell. Middle: Miss M,Mrs V, Majur, Mrs C, MissW, Miss Law. Front: J Meathrill, Miss W, X, Miss Beatson Bell, Weatherall, WHB, Swaine
Sonepur Meet - November 1904 - Back: Cartwright, Mrs FM, E McWhillen, Marshall, Carlyle, Miss Graham, Mrs O, Capt. Jackson. Middle: Benjamin McKerchar, Tommy Graham, Mrs Peterson, Bonham Carter, Miss Bell, Peterson, McAlpine,. Front: Jacky Rutherford, Mary, WHB, Miss Cousins, Abdy Collins, Miss Tilgate, Swan.
November 1905 - Chupra now known as Chapra, in Saran District of Bihar where WHB was often based.
November 1905 - Manager’s House, Hathwa
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Ivy,Georgeos, Plowden, Mrs Bull, Lockhart, Mrs Georgeos, Miss L, WHB, and Bunty Georgeos at Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet - Ivy, Bull and WHB
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet - Banham’s Camp
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet - “Sales Pitch”
November 1905 - Old Courts at Gobindpur, East of Calcutta
November 1905 - New Courts at Dhanbad, Jharkhand
November 1905 - On the way to Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Travelling to Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - A group at Sonepur Meet with WHB front centre
September 1906 - Port Said entrance to the Suez Canal
September 1906 - A canal dredger
September 1906 - Capt Rawlings and Frenais
September 1906 - Port Said
September 1906 - Mrs Maddock
September 1906 - “Old Aden like a Craniach Shore”
September 1906 - The Bombay approaches
September 1906 - Bombay from Malabar Hill
October 1906 - Rislej Dansh and Island, Gobindpur
November 1906 - BDO’s Bungalow, Gopalganj, Bihar
October 1906 - Coal Mine, Jharia - F W Heilgen - WHB dealing with a colliery sanitation scheme. “My dear old friend Heilgen, who is the concentrated salt of the Earth” - WHB to Anna 22/10/06.
November 1906 - Mrs Maidlaw
November 1906 - In the ground of Belvedere, the official fesidence of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal
November 1906 - Belvedere. A temporary posting to Alipur, Calcutta as Joint Magistrate but also to help with Lady Minto’s Fete
November 1906 - South Staircase, Belvedere
November 1906 - Belvedere Calcutta - now the National Library
November 1906 - Barbara - WHB’s favourite polo pony
October 1906, SDO’s Bungalow, Gobindpur, Jharkhand
Date unknown - WHB in his office
Date unknown - School Photograph
October 1906 - Jafan Sheikh at Chapnanji
September 1906 - On board SS Arabia outward bound for India. Gus Hunter buying picture postcards at Port Said. WHB spent spring and summer of 1906 in Scotland
September 1906 - Departing Port Said
September 1906 - Cairo to Port Said express alongside the Suez Canal
February 1907 - Walter Adie - Calcutta
February 1907 - WHB - Calcutta
February 1907 - Magistrate’s House, Alipore, Calcutta (also Thackeray’s birthplace)
February 1907 - Brabs and unknown
March 1907 - Civil Service stall at Lady Minto’s Fete
February 1907 - The Maidan and Fort William taken from the United Services Club, Calcutta
March 1907- Kinchunjunga taken from the Mall, Darjeeling
April 1907 - The Houghty
April 1907 - SS Khetri - the return to Chandpal Ghat - Talbot, ? and ?
March 1907 - Darjeeling (postcard) - While WHB was Under Secretary - Registrar CCS and Assistant Director of Agriculture
February 1907 - Brabs
April 1907 - A H Levy on SS Khetri
April 1907 - Easter Shoot at Nasriganj, Bihar. WHB to Anna - ¾/1907 -”I had a delightful holiday at Nasriganj at Easter. We went down in the Commissioner Collins’ comfortable steamer, played gold, shot deer and amused ourselves generally….I encountered my first tiger…. but didn’t get a shot in”
February 1907 - Lady minto’s Fete - WHB back right
February 1907 - Ghost of Todd, ADC
February 1908 - Nan (Anna Buchan) on Solomon at Chapra Circuit House, Bihar
February 1908 - WHB on Brabs with polo stick
February 1908 - Collector’s House, Chapra, Saran, Bihar
February 1908 - WHB front second from left with civilians in settlement training at Forbesganj, Araria, Bihar
Feb. 1908 - H Cochrane Castle
March 1908 - Darjeeling
March 1908 - Jhalda to Chitarpur Road, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
March 1908 - Nan and our abode at Bettiah, Bihar
March 1908 - Bengal Agricultural College (now Bihar Agriculture University), Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar
February 1908 - View from Chapra Circuit House
April, 1908 - SL Clytie and houseboat near the sandbanks, Khulua
April 1908 - SL Clytie in which WHB camped, Mirzapur on the Ganges
June 1908 - New homes on experimental farms - Chapramari Wildlife Sactuary, Kalimpong
June 1908 - Experimental Farm Buildings (“If Kalimpong had been 2000feet higher it would have been a grand ridge for a hill-station”)
June 1908 - Ford with the Superintendent - Experimental Farm Buildings, Kalimpong
June 1908 - Farm and house, Kalimpong
February 1908 - Nan with Solomon
February 1908 - Parasnath Hill and Temple taken after the temple had been struck by Lightning. Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary, Giridih, Jharkhand
March 1908 - Cuttack and Fort, Odisha
March 1908 - Nan’s influence at the tea table
January 1908 - Mrs King
January 1908 - (Mixed developing) - Rohika Lake and Bettiah tents
January 1908 - Keir Hardie - WHB’s nickname for one of his servants otherwise Zalka Khel at the British Guest House
January 1908 - The Manager’s House, Bettiah, Bihar
February 1908 - Lunch after a duck shoot at Balua, Bettiah, Bihar
30 September 1908 - Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandra, Uttar Pradesh. WHB - “Was quite awed”
30 September 1908 - Entrance to Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandra
September 1908 - Great Mosque and tomb of Akbar’s High Priest, Fatehpur Sikri
September 1908 - Akbar’s Dewan-i-Khas, Fatehpur Sikri
September 1908 - House of Akbar’s Hindu Minister, Fatehpur Sikri
September 1908 - The Panch Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri
September 1908 - The quadrangle of the Great Mosque, Fatehpur Sikri
1 October 1908 - Taj Mahal, Agra
1 October 1908 - Taj Mahal from Yamuna viewpoint, Agra
1 Octobewr 1908 - Tomb of Shah Jahan and his wife, Agra
1 October 1908 - “The Jasmine Tower is a little jewel built over the Jamna, cool and with a lovely view
1 October 1908 - Entrance to Taj Mahal, Agra
1 October 1908 - entrance to Agra Fort
2 October 1908 - Amber Palace and hilltop fort. Amber was the former capital of Jaipur
2 October 1908 - Looking from the Amber Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan
October 1908 - Jaipur
October 1908 - Jaipur
October 1908 - Pearl Mosque, Red Fort, Delhi
Part of Zenana, South West Delhi
October 1908 - Lahore Gate, Delhi Fort
October 1908 - Jama Masjid, Central Delhi
October 1908 - Kasmir Gate
October 1908 - Dwan-i-Khas, Delhi Fort
October 1908 - Sir Andrew FRaser’s last Conference of C0mmissioners and Heads of Depts. (WHB back left was Secretary to the Conference which was held in Darjeeling).
April 1908 - WHB on the SL Clytie
April 1909 - Goodbye to his servant at Benares Station (now Varanasi)
April 1909 - Benares Ghats, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
April 1909 - Bombay Ghats
April 1909 - Homeward bound on 6 months leave - United Services Club, Bombay
April 1909 - Bombay from the Taj
April 1909 - The last of Bombay from the SS Marea
28 April 1909 - Approaching Aden. “Behold a crowd upon the beam; and humped above the sea appears old Aden, like a barrack stove that no one’s lit for years and years” It’s a quote from Kipling’s “For to Admire”
2 May 1909 - SS Australia at Suez. Transhipped to SS Isis
May 1909 - Suez from the Canal
May 1909 - Approaching Brindisi, Italy
5 May 1909 - Disembarking SS Isis at Brindisi
May 1909 - Nearing the Mont Cenis tunnel, later known as the Frejus Tunnel, Bardonecchia, Piedmont, Italy
October 1909 - Embarking on his return to India from Marseille
October 1909 - SS Mantua at Port Said
October 1909 - A cricket match between the Ship and Port Said. “Watched the match from a comfortable stand”
October 1909 - The Osiris arriving with the mail
October 1909 - Shipping passengers (including Mrs Herbert) at Port Said
October 1909 - THe Suez Canal
October 1909 - Lying at Aden
October 1909 - WB Heycock and WHB
October 1909 - Richardson and Heycock
October 1909 - possibly railway crossing on the Jhalda to Chatra Nagpur Railway (photo damaged)
October, 1909 - Three staff members
October 1909 - The return of the Collector from leave - Heycock on left and Whitty on right at Bindivan (Now known as Vrindavan)
October 1909 - Managing Committee of the first Union in India at Khelanpur and Balarampur
November 1909 - Parassala, Kerala
November 1909 - Irrigation ditch at Gaya, Bihar
November 1909 - Parassala, Kerala
November 1909 - Miss BLack at the Collector’s Bungalow, Gaya, Bihar (WHB met her on the boat -they had friends in common)
November 1909 - On a jungle Rajah’s elephant
November 1909 - The usual method of paddling a stream
17 November 1909 - The wedding of RW Reid and Miss Disney at Muzaffarpur. Known as Bobby Reid and from Brasenose College. WHB was Best Man on the right of the photo. “He is a very lucky man and I think he deserves his luck for he is a good fellow, He has got of the pretties and sweetest women I have met for a long time. I’ll send you a photograph of the show”
6 December 1909 - Durham Waite at the Circuit House, Ranchi, Jharkhand. “Travelled to Ranchi with old Col. Swaine. 7 Dec Up at 06.15. Inspected 6 Ranchi bank branches till breakfast”.
December 1909 - The River Damodar from the Ramgarh Inspection bungalow
December 1909 - Finch White and Dr Macken on the church steps. “Finch White ran some of thebanks very badly and causewd WHB a lot of trouble, He may have been a missionary”
December 1909 - from the road near Ranchi Ghats, Ramgarh
Hunting from an elephant
December 1909 - Church at Chitarpur, Sewai
December 1909 - An example of the cooperative banks, Chitarpur, Ramgarh
January 1910 - Tea Party with WHB seated on the right
February 1910 - Chaibassa Tussar Farm, Bhagalpur, Bihar
February 1910 - Dr Danbal, Superintendent, Chaibassa Farm
May 1910 - Teesta Bridge, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalimpopng, West Bengal. (Simply a footbridge in those days)
May 1910 - A tea garden on the Kalimpong Road, West Bengal
May 1910 - Teesta River, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, near Darjeeling
May 1910 - WHB on the Teesta River Footbridge, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal
May 1910 - Senchal Golf Course, Darjeeling (It remains to this day)
May 1910 - View from the Club. (There is a club in Darjeeling known as the Gymkhana Club which did exist in 1910
May 1910 - Office of the Director of Agriculture, Darjeeling
12 June 1910 - Proclamation of King George V in Darjeeling
1 July 1910 - Programme for amateur drama event in Darjeeling Town Hall
1 July 1910 - Programme showing WHB appearing in both sketches together with Miss Isla Macpherson to whom he proposedmarriage in 1910. She turned him down and never married. Re sketches - “Most successful. Supped with the Macphersons. Bed 1.30”
Cast of Drama sketches - 2 July “Matinee of both plays. Went splendidly - packed house. I appear to have acted fairly decently”
July 1910 - Third Provincial Cooperative Conference - President as DCCS
October 1910 - Picnicking in the Singalila Wildlife Sanctuary, Darjeeling. Woman on the left may be Isla Macpherson.”Trek out of Darjeeling with Greens and Macphersons. 6th Proposed to Isla Macpherson and was refused very sweetly”
October 1910 - Sunset from Sandakphu, Singalila
25 February 1910 - Board of Agriculture Meeting at Pusa, Bihar. WHB third from left in the front row.
May 1910 - Saux (PMG)
January 1910 - Hazaribagh from the Jhalda to Chitarpur Road
January 1910 - Bengal Light Horse Camp with Law in thje picture - Cuttack, Odisha
January 1910 - BLH Camp - E Troop Lines
January 1910 - Dr Campbell, Missionary
February 1910 - Smith, Deputy Director of Agriculture. In January WHB asked to deputise for the Director for 6 months because of illness. He was 30 that month.
February 1910 - Taylor, Chemist, Mrs Dobbs and Dobbs, Principal of Bengal Agricultural College, Bhagalpur, Bihar
January 1910 - Daulatpur
DECEMBER 1909 - WHB on cooperative bank business.
October 1910 - Lassie
18 October 1910 - “Today Sankey gave a big picnic at Senchal. (Note the camera in the hands of the lady in front)
18 October 1910 - Sankey’s picnic in Singalila Wildlife Sanctuary, Darjeeling
18 October 1910 - Sankey Picnic
5 November 1910 - The gents being given a fond farewell before settling out on their cycling expedition from Darjeeling to Siliguri via the Teesta Valley
5 November 1910 - Sheila and Isla Mackenzie on the left with their mother on the far right. WHB was turned down by Isla in 1910. Neither of the girls married, Sheila becoming a doctor. They lived together in Scotland
November 1910 - The meeting of the Rangeet and Teesta Rivers taken from the viewpoint on the Peshoke Road
November 1910 - View of the river from the Teesta River footbridge
November 1910- HT Cullis, EC Tanner and WHB at Birik Bungalow in the Teesta Valley
November 1910 - View of the Teesta from the Birik Bungalow
November 1910 - the cyclists on the Birik to Sevoke Road
November 1910 - a side glen off the Teesta
November 1910 - At Sevoke bungalow after lunch
November 1910 - The Teesta leaving the foothills
November 1910 - Cullis and Tanner at Lopchu
November 1910 - The approach to the footbridge
November 1910 - View of the Teesta from the Birik to Sevoke Road
1910 - A few lines mourning the poor jute crop. 26 Sep 1910 - letter to his mother - “Our forecast of the jute crop has created even more violent excitement than we expected, Every day for a week the papers have been full of it and I have had violent telegrams from Dundee and London. Strong (the E Bengal Director and I have been violently attacked and defended at many columns length. Our critics have even broken into verse….I agree with nearly all our critics say and although I think our forecast is a pretty accurate one, I am meditating a fiery letter to Government on the subject”.
5 November 1910 - At Lopchu setting off on the cycling expedition to the Teesta Valley
November 1910 - Darjeeling
November 1910 - The Himalayas from Darjeeling
January 1911 - Wedding of Findlay Shiros and Miss McWatters in Calcutta. WHB on the right
WHB - possibly at the Bettiah campsite.
WHB with a group after his hunting adventure
A typical Doctor’s surgery in India
WHB With a gun and what appears to be a dead crocodile
WHB With a gun and what appears to be a dead crocodile
1911 & misc.
William Buchan in the uniform of the Indian Civil Service