Vice Regal Journey to the North West Territories 1937
11.00pm Great Bear Lake
Echo Bay. Eldorado and Cobalt Island
Arrival at Eldorado
The Vice-Regal Standard at Eldorado
Touring Eldorado
Returning from Camsell River
Casting at Camsell River
Casting at Camsell River
Young “Citizen” and Mission at Coppermine
Lollipops in the Arctic
Not a cigarette advertisement - just a local custom
Cables in the Arctic
The very latest summer fashion
Eskimo Belles at Coppermine
Greeting His Excellency
Presentation of the Mounties and Citizens
Presentation to some Citizens
Edge of the Barren Lands. The Vice Regal Picnic Grounds
Arrival at Coppermine
Broiling a steak
Serving a steak
Picnic service in the Arctic
Candid pictures. Especially the Blueberry Pie.
A picnic in the Arctic
Picnic service in the Arctic
The steak is excellent
Fishing at Camsell River
Following the Power Line to No. 2 Shaft
At the entrance to Eldorado
En route to Coppermine
Dinner at Eldorado
Dinner at Eldorado
R.C.A.F Planes at Eldorado
Arctic Timber and new Construction
No. 2 Shaft
Original Workings on No. 2 Vein
Eldorado from Echo Bay
“Radium King” at Fort Smith
Oblate Fathers at Coppermine
Eskimo Children in front of Mission at Coppermine
Serious Business
Fishing at Cameron Bay
A Strike in the Arctic
Fishing at Cameron Bay
The Stairs at Eldorado
The Peculiarities of Pitchblende Veins
(From which Uranium and Radium are obtained)
The Hill above Eldorado
First Pit and No. 2 Vein
Corner of one of the Claims
“The Army” returns to the surface
No. 2 and No. 3 Veins from the air
Drilling in one of the Stopes
Charles LeBine, Asst. Manager and Ryan at Eldorado’s First Engine
Ice - 30 million years old 320 Feet below the surface
The Pitchblende Jig
“The Richest Stream in the World”
The Pay Streak
Flotation Cells in Operation
Following the Map
First Citizen of Slave River
The Snyder Range from 10800 feet
North-west view of the Snyder Mountains and Snowfield
Virginia Falls
(We have used the descriptions applied to each photograph by Harry Snyder)
Peebles, Scottish Borders