Peebles, Scottish Borders
William Fishing from a boat on Loch Eddy, The Glen, Innerleithen
Walter fishing on Loch Eddy
The boat house at Loch Eddy with Walter and the Rev John Buchan
June 1909, Rev John Buchan and William
June 1909 - The Bear Gate at Traquair House with a Longhorn behind it.
12th August 1909 - JB. Alastair, William and Walter - “blowing a hurricane ….shot disgracefully. The hurricane made shooting very difficult…I got a ghrouse. A hard and healthy day and very jolly in spite of bad shooting
Barbie, JB, WHB and Walter shooting over Harehope
WHB, Alastair and JB at Harehope
JB and WHB - diarised as being in “the trench of the British Camp”
Harehope Rings - a prehistoric fort. WHB stayed at Harehope from 3rd August to 24th Sept.with JB, Anna, Helen and Rev John Buchan coming and going
A view from Harehope
From Harehope looking south
Harehope House (now demolished)
Harehope Steading (now demolished)
A grouse drive on White Meldon looking over one of the ponds at Harehope
A September morning on the Meldons Road
The Meldons Road from Harehope pond
From Harehope march
Up the Meldons Road towards Harehope
Alastair “Mhor” fishing on Loch Eddy
A view from Harehope