Peebles, Scottish Borders
Buchan Family 1920 onwards
There is a gap in family photographs held in our archive from around 1912 until 1920s due to Family bereavements and the First World War
Mrs Susan Buchan with Sons William and Alastair
JB’s sons, John Norman, Alastair and William with a friend
JB with John Norman, Alastair and William
John Norman, Alastair and William
The Boys at play
1924 - John Norman, William and Alastair
The Boys at Play
Transporting the Family luggage
1924 - Alastair, William and John Norman at Elsfield
1924 - Alastair with his tortoise
1924 - Anna with Alastair, John Norman and William
JB and Mrs Helen Buchan
JB, Alice, Mrs Helen Buchan, Alastair, Mrs Susan Buchan, John Norman, Anna and William at Elsfield
JB with Alice, William, Alastair and John Norman
William with a black Labrador
Alastair possibly at Fairnilee
John Norman and William with Uncle Walter
Mrs Helen Buchan with her Grandsons
JB, Anna and John Norman
Anna, JB, Mrs Helen Buchan and John Norman
JB, William, Anna, Mrs Helen Buchan, Alastair, Mrs Susan Buchan and John Norman
Alastair, Anna, John Norman, Mrs Helen Buchan and William (The couple in the photograph are unidentified)
Alice and Anna Buchan with a cast member of the “Quality Street” sketches
William and Alastair with a member of the “Quality Street” cast
John Norman, William and Alastair with possible members of the “Quality Street” cast
An April 1927 Family Group with John Norman, Anna, Mrs Helen Buchan, JB, Mrs Susan Buchan, Alice and Alastair and William in front
April 1927 - JB, Mrs Susan Buchan, John Norman, William, Alice, Anna with Alastair and Mrs Helen Buchan in front
JB, Alice and Alistair
John Norman, Alastair and William preparing for cricket
William with some friends
Alastair looking mischievous
All the boys looking mischievous
Alice and Alastair
John Norman and a friend
A more formal family group - Anna, William, John Norman, JB, Alastair, Mrs Helen Buchan, Mrs Susan Buchan and Alice
JB and his Mother at Elsfield
Mrs Helen Buchan with her grandsons, William, John Norman and Alastair
1929 - Three photographs of JB’s sons on the ice with skates along with Anna
John Norman on horseback
1929 - JB with his Mother, Mrs Helen Buchan
1929 - William and Alice
John Norman
1929 - Mrs Helen Buchan and JB
1929 - William, John Norman, Alice with Alastair in front
January 1929 - Alastair in his school production of As You Like It
JB and Alice or Mrs Susan?
Lady Tweedsmuir
Three photographs of Walter Buchan, the first as Town Clerk of Peebles, in the second he is writing a History of Peeblesshire and in the third he is at the door of Bank House, his home in Peebles