Peebles, Scottish Borders
1874 - Rev. John and Mrs Helen Buchan in Perth
1875 - Rev. John Buchan holding JB
11882- Rev. John Buchan with William, JB, and Anna with Mrs Buchan holding Walter.84 - er
Circa 1888 - Family Group at Brought
CCirca 1878 - Anna and JB
Circa 1Circa 1876 - JB78 - J
Circa 1882 - Anna, William and
John Masterson and Daughter Agnes - JB’s Grandfather and Aunt Aggie who later married William Robb and lived at Gala Lodge, Broughtond Aunt Aggie l
Helen Masterton - latuchan
1888 - Family Group at Broughton
CCirca 1882 - Anna, William and JB
Mrs Masterson with Helen and John - JB’s Grandmother, Mother and Uncle
HelenHelen Masterson - later to become Mrs Helen Buchan
Buchan Family Pre-1920
Helen Masterton
Rev. John Buchan and Helen Masterton on their engagement
Agnes Masterton
Helen Masterton
Possibly the Rev. John Buchan’s Mother
Helen Masterton later Mrs John Buchan, JB’s Mother
Anna Buchan with JB
Mrs Masterton. mother of Mrs Helen Buchan
Violet Buchan
Anna, William , Walter and Violet Buchan
Rev. John with JB, Mrs Helen and Anna
Rev. John Buchan
Anna, JB, Alastair and Mrs Helen Buchan
Ebenezer Masterton, Brother of Mrs Helen Buchan
Circa 1893 at Gala Lodge, Broughton - JB,Walter, Rev John, Mrs Helen, William and Anna
Violet and Anna Buchan
Circa 1896 - Alastair and Anna Buchan
William, Anna, Walter and JB with two housemaids, possibly at Gala Lodge, Broughton
Old Mrs Masterton of Broughton
Mrs Agnes Watson JB’s Grandmother
Mrs Helen Buchan with her brothers John (left) and James together with Eben’s sons Ian and Tom (in kilt)
Eben Masterton
Mrs Agnes Watson, JB’s Great grandmother
Ebenezer Masterton
Mrs Helen Buchan with her Brothers John (left) and James and the Sons of Ebenezer, Ian and Tom (in kilt)
JB, Rev. John, Anna, Alastair Mrs Helen, William and Walter
Agnes Masterton and her Brothers James, John and Ebenezer
Uncle William Buchan
John and Anna Masterton, JB’s grandparents and their family
JB, Alastair, Walter, Mrs Helen, Anna, William and the Rev. John Buchan
A leather wallet containg photographs of Mrs Helen and the Rev. John Buchan
1903 - Uncle William Buchan in Court Dress
Uncle Willie and Family?
Peebles High School Class with Alastair Buchan at centre of second back row
Great Uncle John Henderson and his Wife Anna - he was the Brother of the Rev John’s Mother
Calzeat - Rev John, Mrs Helen, with Walter, Alastair and Anna and some other unidentified subjects
Rev. John Buchan and others unidentified
Rev. John Buchan, Anna (partially hidden), Alastair, JB and two others
Anna Buchan
Anna behind the wheel and JB at Bamflat
Alastair and the Rev. John Buchan with housemaids
Mrs Helen Buchan and William
Rev. John Buchan
Mrs Helen Buchan and William
1909 - Rev John Buchan, Willie and Aggie Robb, Mrs Helen Buchan with William, Alastair, Mrs Susan Buchan and JB in front
JB and William with their Mother, Mrs Helen Buchan
William in the centre in a Hutcheson’s class photograph
Anna, Aunt Aggie and Alastair at Gala Lodge, Broughton
December 1904- JB while a Barrister and Journalist in London
Booth photograph taken in Edinburgh of Mrs Helen Buchan with Alastair and Walter
Circa 1900 - Alastair Buchan
Alastair Buchan
Alastair Buchan
Walter Buchan
Dysart - Rev. John Buchan, William, Anna and Mrs Helen Buchan with Rev. Norman Walker and his family
Rev John Buchan
Rev. John Buchan
Manor Water picnic - Mrs Helen, William, Alastair and Anna in the group
Manor Water picnic - Mrs Helen, William, Alastair and Anna in the group
Walter Buchan
Mrs Susan Buchan and Anna
Two of the Buchan family with Peter the terrier at Woodlands, Peebles
Mrs Helen Buchan with Anna and Katie Cameron sister of D Y Cameron who illustrated “Scholar Gypsies”
Anna and Mrs Helen Buchan
JB and Susan on the ice
William, Anna and JB
Alastair with some of his Glasgow friends
11903 - Uncle Willie in an Albion Wagonette903
March 1908 - JB’s first-born, Alice at one week old
Alice with her Nanny
JB and Mrs Susan Buchan holding Alice
April 1909 - Mrs Susan Buchan with Alice at 10 months
1909 - Alice at 10 months with Mrs Cecil
1909 - Anna and Mrs Helen Buchan with Alice
Alice at Harehope
September 1909 - William and Alice
Family picnic with William, Alastair, Anna, Rev John Buchan, Alice, Mrs Susan, Mrs Helen, JB and the Nanny
Alice at 10 months
Anna holding Alice
Mrs Helen Buchan holding Alice with Rev. John Buchan
Mrs Susan Buchan holding Alice
JB with Alice and an Uncle
Alice in the care of her Nanny and an unknown Spaniel
Alice with JB and an Uncle
Susan Buchan, Rev John, Alice, Mrs Helen and Anna Buchan with Peter the terrier in front at Woodlands, Peebles
Mrs Helen Buchan holding Alice with the Rev John and Alastair
JB holding Alice
Mrs Susan Buchan with Alice
Rev John Buchan with Alice at Hangingshaws, Selkirk
Mrs Susan Buchan and Alice with John or James Masterton at Bamflat
Alice Buchan
Mrs Susan Buchan with Nanny holding Alice
Willie and Agnes Robb, Alice, Mrs Helen Buchan, Ebenezer Masterton and JB
Alice with a Housemaid
Willie and Agnes Robb, Ebenezer Masterton holding Alice, Mrs Helen Buchan and JB
23 September 1909 - Family picnic in the Manor Valley - including Rev John, Mrs Helen B, JB, Susan, William, Alastair, Anna and Alice
September 1909 - Anna and Mrs Helen Buchan with Katie Cameron whose Brother illustrated “Scholar Gypsies”
Alice, William and Mrs Helen Buchan
Rev. John Buchan, Anna, Alastair, Mrs Helen Buchan holding Alice, William, Mrs Susan Buchan, JB and Walter
A picnic with Willam, Alastair, Rev John, Mrs Susan, Anna, Mrs Helen, Alice and JB
JB with Alice
Alice - 15 months
Alice with her Nanny
Alice and her admirers in Bank House garden, Peebles
Alice with her maternal Grandmother, Mrs Caroline Grosvenor
Alice becoming acquainted with the concierge of the Roxburgh Hotel, Edinburgh
Alice in a landau
Anna, Rev John, Mrs Helen Buchan and Alice in the garden at Woodlands, Peebles
Alice in the garden of Bank House, Peebles
Mrs Susan Buchan with baby John Norman
1911 - Alice with John Norman
November 1911 - Alice with her young Brother John Norman at Gala Lodge, Broughton
1912 - Mrs Helen Buchan with Alice and John Norman at Bank House, Peebles
1911 - John Henderson with Alice, JB and Rev John
JB with Neil and Agnes Masterton
Alice in the hands of Alastair and Anna